Defense, Security, Information Technologies 

The security, defense and software needs of both the public and private sectors are increasing all over the world. Many organizations meet these needs through the private sector. 

After a strong year in 2018, the global aviation and defense (A&D) industry saw a decline in 2019. While the defense industry continued to rise, growth in the commercial aviation industry slowed down. In 2021, the aviation and space industry is expected to return to its growth trajectory as the commercial aviation industry recovers after its fall in 2019.

The defense sector continued to grow in 2019 as security threats intensified and required governments around the world to continue increasing their defense budgets. Defense spending is expected to grow by between 3 and 4 percent in 2021, reaching to an estimated US $ 1.9 trillion as governments around the world continue to modernize and recapitalize their military forces. Much of this growth is expected to be derived from increased defense spending in the United States as well as in other regions such as China and India.

Nokta Yatırım established Nokta Savunma ve Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş. in 2020 to operate in the ever-growing defense, informatics, software and technology sectors. In this way, it started its activities in technology and software development on Security and Defense Technologies, Information Technologies, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Geographic Information System and Technologies and Rail Transportation Systems. 

The company offers some or all of the services needed in the processes from the idea stage to commissioning, depending on the needs of the customers in the Defense, Security, Information and Technology sector. It aims to be a one-stop solution center for Network, Software, Mobile Application and other Technological services that the target sector needs.