Marina Management

Sea tourism has a very important role in the development of countries with its economic contribution to the country's resources. When we consider them within the scope of sea tourism, Marinas are a part of the tourism sector, but also it is also a part of the maritime sector as service is offered on the sea.

While marina services used to be in the luxury class, today it has become a sector that serves large masses. Today  marinas are not only places where yachtsmen can accommodate their boats or provide their basic needs, but also have become the focal point of regional economic development. Although marinas were established to meet the basic sheltering needs of the yachting industry, they serve as an important dynamo in national, regional and local development plans today. 

Nokta Yatırım has implemented the Marina Management project, which it has chosen as the doorway into the tourism sector, in Constanta, the largest port city of Romania, with Tomis Marina Constanta. Currently continuing its existence as a unique "Marina" investment in Romania, the project continues its dominant presence in its region.