Transparency, openness, accountability, efficient use of natural resources and environmental awareness constitute the basis of the sustainability understanding of Nokta Yatırım Holding. It has set itself as a goal to establish a balanced sustainability between the concepts that make up the components of its companies and human life. 

An "open communication" environment where all employees can freely express their own ideas and suggestions, is supported at Nokta Yatırım Holding. Employees are encouraged to share their opinions and suggestions through internal communication channels. It is believed that sharing all opinions, suggestions and criticisms by the employees about their jobs, will improve the group. In case of any conflict that may arise in the work environment, all employees are heard under equal conditions, regardless of status. Establishment of employee rights and the establishment of human rights in working environments and suppliers by going beyond employee rights are handled within the scope of the principle of "democracy in the workplace". The goal is to define and implement work and work environments that are decent in human dignity. We care that the principle of equality brings justice in results for all identities and we operate the necessary mechanisms to ensure this. Employees at Nokta Yatırım Holding and its supply network are granted the freedom of association and collective bargaining, which the citizenship rights and suitable conditions are provided for the rights claims of employees.

At Nokta Yatırım Holding, we find it unacceptable to make discrimination based on factors such as race, color, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, political view or affiliation, ethnic identity, health status, family responsibilities, disability or age. 

Nokta Yatırım Holding's principles of sustainable growth is based on acting with a holistic development model at every stage of its activities, from the feasibility process to production, from capital to human resources. It evaluates all investment within the economic, social and environmental framework, and puts them into practice with a sustainable vision that is compatible with the future. 

As a corporation, we act by taking into account that we have serious responsibilities towards our employees, all humanity and future generations, while using natural resources to meet our own needs. 

In every project we implement, we take into account not only human needs but also human dignity and rights, the happiness and welfare of our employees and stakeholders, and the existence of other living things in nature.